100droni is a new company born after 40 years of experiences in R/C flying models; the owner, Andrea Cento, has reached important results in National pylon-racing competitions; he collaborated with Axe Rossi, the Italian world famous builder of racing model engines and he made several translations of manual instructions of Futaba radios and FMA Revolectric devices. He has built hundred of flying models, all designed by himself (racers, seaplanes, fun flyers, trainers).

After 25 years as teacher of Mechanics in ISITP school of Verrès, in Aosta Valley, he decided to devote himself to drones; in May 2015 he got the Italian drone license (#4564) as operator with a flying machine built by himself, the Hexa 1.00.


The Hexa 1.00 is a very light, high-performance and easy-to-fly professional hexacopter. But the real innovation is Easyland, an innovative drone parachute. The difference between the other parachutes is that the spring loaded parachute isn’t compressed in the can, but simply put inside without any pressure. A special servo gets the spring free and a carbon piston shoots the parachute quickly outside. The other original items are a PCB specifically designed for hexacopters, some carbon legs that minimize injuries in case of impact, a special  electronic switch off of flight. Coming soon: the Batt-House, a special fireproof thermostatic bag for Lipo batteries for operations in low temperatures.